Botswana has a myriad of Safari Operators, all offering the opportunity of experiencing, in some manner, the wilderness, scenery, wildlife, history and culture this dynamic and richly beautiful sub-continent offers … most have enviable reputations for delivering a holiday of unsurpassed quality. When choosing a destination and expert to make a dream safari a reality, it is-more often than not – not the price of something that differentiates one holiday from another, but what one receives in return … Wilderness Dawning retain Guides and Safari Leaders that are unmatched in their field, Wilderness Dawning spend maximum time actually inside National Parks and Reserves-not on the outskirts. Most importantly, we offer the unique experience of gaining something fundamental … an experience that endeavors to enrich our guests, guests who do not seek to be pampered and amused, but rather strive to enhance their understanding and love for Southern Africa.