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The owners and guides of Wilderness Dawning Safaris started out in this business, this profession, as youngsters with very few ideals! We knew we loved the game, the people and the wild untamed boundless horizons this magnificent continent was showing us…if only for a short while. We knew what we had seen, we knew of the wild places of her untamed heart, the secret corners where this continent held her own in the face of ever increasing commercialism. Thirty-Five years on, and many of us are still involved in the concept of safaris, and in the journey, we have found our ideals. In the past, we looked about and said, “this is the last wilderness”… but luckily it was not so, there were more wildernesses’ after that. It was like having a dream and not forgetting and the chapter for Private Tailormade Safari was not closed.

Safari !…the very word conjures up notions and images of Africa-our beautiful, rough and haunting continent. Any expedition that undertakes a journey through a place as time-ridden as Southern Africa has to, by neither choice nor circumstance, simply deliver in the mind’s eye a vision of how things are, how they were and in many occurrences, what might have been.

After numerous years of running and arranging safaris, we realise that for many people, the concept of an exclusively arranged private safari is an attractive option … one can arrange to visit areas that are off the normal route, offering activities that enhance the safari in many ways, but are usually not possible within a scheduled departure, due to many reasons, ranging from cost limitations, time constraints and the wish to travel with your children, to the simple fact of a difference in interests.

WILDERNESS DAWNING, having built up a solid reputation for delivering scheduled group safaris of unsurpassed quality, also offer this proficiency to guests who would like an exclusive safari that entails the expertise of an outstanding guide and the convenience of a private vehicle.

We offer our guests the opportunity of doing something very different…the chance to undertake a Tailormade Private Style safari, an original safari, of the original safari idea, of a time when we would travel to experience-really experience-places and times. Of the world of the Kalahari, of listening to the great rivers, close to Capricorn, glide slowly to distant seas. Southern Africa wears many faces…Of Granite Hills brooding under the starlight of Savuti, of transfrontier parks, of countries and people, of sand ridges and camaraderie, of seeing that fabled glint in a leopard’s eye, of the ensuing silence as a lion’s roar leaves a valley almost pregnant with a sense of impending tragedy, of hearing a vehicle revving up to the challenge of another river crossing, of Parks and Reserves the size of European Countries. Of populations seemingly abandoned by good, but smiling still. Of plunging waterfalls effortless in their display of this continent’s grand power, the wrinkled faces and skins of elephants, lines that tell of forests, languid rivers and endless skies of blue. Of Tawana and Bayei and Batawana Chiefdoms, of old empires, black and white, that assumed to shape this continent. Of Savuti and the serene beauty of the Okavango, of Baobab fringed Kubu Islands and the extinct rivers of the Kalahari, of old lakes called Makadikadi, of herds of antelope and flocks of birds moving as one….

Wilderness Dawning are committed to bringing the passion for wildlife, culture history and scenic diversity that Southern Africa offers ,to our guests,who might want an exclusive safari…guests who understand that there is a fundamental difference between a “safari” and a “tour,” between a vehicle seating few to a bus seating forty, and know about the myriad of advantages that Wilderness Dawning Private Travel offers, as opposed to the uncertainties of a “self-drive”.

Accommodation varies from camping to three-and four-star Bed & Breakfast type Establishments, Guesthouses and some of the most luxurious and remote camps-rarely are large hotels used…. depending on our guests needs and budget.

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