The people, who make Wilderness Dawning the company it is, all share a common passion – a distinct and undeniable love for Botswana. We realise that it is this region, this area, this ‘place’ that has shaped us, given us our unique lifestyle and allowed us the enthusiasm to do something that is challenging, different and extremely inspiring.

It has been this ‘place’ that has enabled Wilderness Dawning to operate, to a degree, with a specific sense of success… success that can be derived from, and indeed, be defined as an absolute belief in our purpose on this planet. This belief results in passion, and passion drives tenacity, perseverance, resolve, commitment and a fundamental understanding of people, the environment and the wildlife that make up this ‘place’… this ‘place’ we are privileged to call home.

We are a Botswana based company and contribute directly to conservation through park entrance fees, taxes, and accommodation costs. We employ only from Botswana. Income generated remains in Botswana .

It is our belief that all things are connected, that things become ‘one’ … be they people, land, oceans or animals … that the success of one cannot be at the expense of another … that land or people are not to be marginalized, denuded and made less … that we have an undeniable responsibility to all things… to all people… to all of this ‘place’.

It is to this ideal that Wilderness Dawning do the following … visits to the San Villages at Tsodilo Hills, resulting in direct income for these first-peoples. The local San people believe Tsodilo is the birthplace of all life, art there made by the descendants of the first people. Tsodilo’s geography, trails and grooves in the earth are known as the trails and footprints of the first animals, making their way to the first watering hole. A natural water spring at Tsodilo, near the Female Hill, is used as both a water collection site and a ritual site. It is seen as sacred, and used by countless peoples to cleanse, heal, and protect.

Thari-E-Ntsho Storytellers

We sponsor and support Thari-E-Ntsho Storytellers who write and publish stories based in Botswana, with the aim of recording, sharing and reflecting aspects of the country’s rich culture. As is the case for all African nations, history, folklore and a wealth of wisdom have always been passed down the generations through storytelling and Thari-E-Ntsho continue this tradition.

The storytellers safeguard this dying art for future generations and encourage a reading culture amongst young Batswana. They keep Botswana’s heritage alive.


We also donate 1.5% of turnover to Natural Selection’s ongoing conservation and community efforts

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